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Act. 4.1: Cluster Manager Course Austria (Graz, Zeltweg), 10th and 11th of July


Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Hengsberger

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Seebacher

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Wallner

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Jurnjak

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Christoph Reiss Schmidt

Cluster Manager Kurs Austria/Presentation Pretterhofer

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Puttinger

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Reiber

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Schabereiter

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Welcome Speech

Cluster Manager Course Austria/ Christoph Reiss Schmidt 2


Act. 4.1: Cluster Manager Course Italy, 17th and 18th of October 2013


Alessandra Gruppi, Branding & Intangible assets
Michele Feletig, Informest onsulting, Internationalization Informest Consulting


Act. 4.1: Cluster Manager Course Slovenia, 6th and 7th of November 2013



Part I: Development of the Slovenian wood sector and their infrastructure
- Milavec I.: Development of the Slovenian wood sector and its infrastructure

Development Centres of Slovenian Economy in Slovenian wood sector
- Bernard Likar, RC 31, DC of the Creative Furniture Industry.
- Dr. Robert Ivancic, INTECH-LES, DC of the interdisciplinary technologies and products in the field of wood processing.
Research and education institutions in Slovenian wood sector
- Prof.dr. Miha Humar, Department of Wood Science and technology, BF, UNI LJ.
- Doc.dr. Tom Levanic, Slovenian Forestry Institute.
- Bernard Likar, Competence Center for Human Resources Development in wood sector.


Part II: Innovative wooden products for building and architecture, green building
Green Innovative Building with wood

- Prof.dr.Milan Sernek, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, “Structural wood-based composites for green building”.
- Assist.prof. dr. Manja Kitek Kuzman, University of Ljubljana, Biotechnical Faculty, “Contemporary Slovenian Timber Building for Sustainability”.
- Prof. dr. Miroslav Premrov, University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, “Timber-glass buildings”.
- Dr. Bruno Dujic, Iztok Sustersic, Jurij Jancar, CBD d.o.o., »CBD – Contemporary Building Design with Timber«.

Innovative wood prefabricated building and joinery
- Doc.dr. Vesna Zegarac Leskovar, University of Maribor, Faculty of Civil Engineering, “Development project - Timber passive house Marles”.
- Natasa Teraz, Lumar IG d.o.o., “Active house-next step in energy efficiency”.
- Dr. Ales Ugovsek, M Sora d.d., “Optimal wood window”.

Design-Innovation Workshop
- Lutz Kucher


Part III: Design and wood - Innovative services and wooden products for furniture

Introduction: Creative industries in Slovenia
- Natalija Medica, Ministry of Economic Development and technology of RS.
- Prof. Nada Rozmanec Maticic, Faculty of Design.

Design of Products and Ambients in wood
- Prof.dr. Jasna Hrovatin, Faculty of Design, From interdisciplinary work and inovative products to a competitive furniture industry.
- Arch. Giuseppe Marinelli, ISIA Roma, "Design Scenario and Wood field : from Innovation to Change".



Act 4.2.: Innovation Seminar Belgrad, 1st - 3rd of October 2013


Subic_Characteristics of optimal wooden window

Turkulin_Wood and Innovation in Southeast Europe

Ko?etov Mi?ulic_REGULATION_EU_No_305_5


Pohleven_Petric_Use of modified wood in building constructions (thermal and chemical treatments)

J?rg Koppelhuber_Innovation, Design & Product management, methods, tools and techniques

Glavonji?_Regulation N° 995 for wood construction and especially to sawmills business

Jelena Mati?_Department of Technology, Management and design of



Act 4.2.: Innovation Seminar in Sibiu, 22nd - 24th of October 2013






03_Presentation_covering materials





06b_Presentation_chemical safety



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