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Slovenian Forestry Institute (LP), Slovenia


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Slovenian Forestry Institute

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Gozdarski in?titut Slovenije


Vecna pot 2, SI-Ljubljana, Slovenia



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Doc. dr. Jozica Gricar

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+386 1 200 78 00/int. 209

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Slovenian Forestry Institute (SFI) is the only national forest research institute in Slovenia. SFI is the leader and executor of basic and applied research as well as of developments in the field of forests, forested landscapes, forestry, wildlife and game management. It is the official body for approval of basic material and certification of forest reproductive material, and for forest health, pests and diseases surveillance. The SFI ensures professional counselling and guidance within the Civil Forest Service (CFS), and forest monitoring.
The organisational structure consists of six core departments (Forest Ecology, Forest Physiology and Genetics, Protection of Forests, Yield and Silviculture, Forest Engineering and Economics, Forest Management, Landscape Planning and Monitoring ), which are covering the whole spectrum of research topics on forests, putting an emphasis on global and environmentally friendly approach supporting multifunctional sustainable forest ecosystem management. Its visibility at the regional scale is very high, as shown by its integration with a large spectrum of stakeholders (industry, universities, authorities), and its excellence in European projects.