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Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion (ZMVA), Hungary

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Zala County Foundation for Enterprise Promotion

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Zala Megyei Vallalkozasfejlesztesi Alapitvany


Koztarsasag Street 17, Zalaegerszeg 8900


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Andras Nagy

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


The Zala County Foundation for Enterprises Promotion (ZMVA) is the management organization of the Pannon Wood and Furniture Cluster since it’s founding. Pannon Wood- and Furnishing Cluster (PANFA) was founded in 2001 by 15 West Transdanubian companies, and ZMVA acts since this time as the management organization. The aim of the ZMVA is to enhance the cooperation and to strengthen the common market success of their members, which number is constantly growing up to 137, becoming a heterogeneous group with several and different characteristics, requirements and experiences. This complexity and diversity of our members has leaded the ZMVA to acquire specific and sound experiences and know-how and the constant growing has put a wide base for further developments, and closer, more specific cooperation, toward accredited clusters.
The main achievements of the last years are exhibitions and fairs, organized by the cluster-management, and the offer of very favorable appearance possibility for member companies. One of the main objectives of the near future of the Foundation is the preparation for the accreditation, which would lead to a higher level of possibilities for those members, who take part in it and for this purposes the ZMVA could benefit from ID:WOOD project activities, in particular from the transferring of experiences and methodologies from most prepared partners that has already existing structures of support for enterprises, for their development, innovation and internationalization.