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Local Development Agency PINS (PINS), Croatia


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Local development agency PINS

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Lokalna razvojna agencija PINS


Ivana Gorana Kovacica 3, 51311 Skrad



Contact Person:

Danijel Bertovic

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Tel. +385 51 820 045

Fax. +385 51 820 046

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This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


Local Development Agency PINS is a non-profit limited company for support and development of SME’s in Croatia established 1996. PINS is actively involved in cooperation with local and regional authorities, ministries, universities, NGO’s and other stakeholders in Croatia. Agency is one of the founders of Croatian wood cluster.  
Mission: With constant education of our employees and with acquired knowledge and experience implement development projects in Gorski kotar microregion and promote sustainable entrepreneurship development with aim to decrease depopulation of area.   
Main activities: business planning, management of SME’s, preparing and implementing development projects, education of entrepreneurs, consultancy services.
Other relevant information: member of Local action group Gorski kotar, ISO 9001:2008  introduced, member of Croatian wood cluster, member of Euromontana - European association for co-operation and development of mountain territories.
Specific role in implementation of ID:WOOD project activities in Croatia is monitoring and evaluation of performed activities especially: actively involved in the financial management system and contributing to the achievement of deliverables and milestones and reporting the technical advancement of the project to LP, involved in monitoring, evaluation and strategic decisions of the project, dissemination and promotion of project activities. PINS is in charge to prepare two wood sector analyses on regional level and for establishment of working group for carrying out these analyses.