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University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry (SFB), Serbia


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University of Belgrade – Faculty of Forestry

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Univerzitet u Beogradu – Sumarski fakultet


Kneza Viseslava 1, 11030 Belgrade, Serbia



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dr Goran Milic

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+381 63 651672

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University of Belgrade is one of the oldest higher educational institutions in south–east Europe, and the Faculty of Forestry is the oldest institution in the Balkans dealing with education and research in the field of Forestry and Wood Sciences. The program of scientific research work of the Department of Wood Processing at University of Belgrade, Faculty of Forestry is done in more than 30 disciplines put in the following researching groups: wood anatomy and properties including chemical and mechanical characteristics of wood; drying and hydro-thermal wood processing; usage of modern technologies and principles in primary and final wood processing; furniture design; composite based on wood; organization and management of production; economics and marketing with special insight into the research of domestic and international market of wood products; biological and mechanic degradation of wood;
Scientific research work is performed in numerous laboratories appropriately equipped for certain areas, scientific centers and bureaus. The Department of Wood Processing has a great experience and possibilities in the fields of collecting and analyzing data from wood industry and market. Results of activities conducted by Faculty are significant for increasing innovation ability of wood sector (conduction of courses for wood designer etc., improvement of technology, researching of new wood products, seminars).