WP5: Transnational Knowledge Clustering Print

WP Objective:

The WP5 aims at consolidating the system at transnational level of wood clusters, wood technology centers, regional development agencies dealing with the sector, universities and design centers, creating a "transnational knowledge cluster". The different areas involved will make use of the pool of complementary expertise of the transnational cluster. The WP is carried out by  transnational working groups and envisages support and promotional activities to institutions and the productive sector as well as a specific action to ensure the sustainability of the knowledge cluster.


ERDF PP1 – INFORMEST is responsible for WP5.


Main activities within WP5:

  • Shared support to productive sector by the whole network, by  carrying out transnational support actions to solve a limited number of  SMEs problems in each involved  territory (1 October 2013-30 October 2014)
  • Delivery of common thematic dossiers: the network will provide stakeholders and SMEs with 5 dossiers on specific strategic topics regarding the wood sector (design, innovation, environment, legislation, project results). Each dossier will address the transversal theme regarding business opportunities (1 October 2013-30 October 2014)
  • Dissemination on sectoral SMEs), by means of the working groups and the members of the network: that allows to share skills, improve the flow of knowledge, making available all competencies of each region to the whole network (Tech centres, clusters and universities) (1 October 2013-30 October 2014)
  • Promoting the transnational network towards enterprises and stakeholders, with the organization of regional events and a transnational conference(1 October 2013-30 October 2014)
  • Strengthening the network activity by means of a strategic programming laboratory aimed at analyzing the principles and functioning rules of forthcoming EU cohesion policy. The laboratory will deliver a network action plan that should became the basis to further common actions (1 October 2013-30 October 2014)


Contact persons:
Paolo Panjek - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Andreea Sava - This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it